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In recent years the wood preservation industry, particularly insecticides, have come under much scrutiny. Sovereign has always been looking to develop new, safer and innovative technologies, and recently announced a new fundamental technological breakthrough in wood preservation, namely Flurox.

Why Flurox?

Flurox is a new generation of insecticide ideal for the wood preservation industry. Unlike conventional insecticides such as pyrethroids, which attacks an insects central nervous system, Flurox has a fundamentally different mode of action being purely insect specific.

How does Flurox Work

Flurox belongs to a new class of insecticides, the insect growth regulators, blocking the natural life of all wood borers in the larval stage. Flurox prevents the production of chitin, which is the hard outer skin of the insect. During the larval stage of the insects' life, the larva moults many times as it grows. Timber treated with Florux will be ingested or absorbed by the larva. As soon as the larva attempts to moult to its next stage of development, it is unable to produce a new skin and dies. Even if some pests survive to mature as adults, they will not be able to re-infest since their eggs are infertile. The wood borer population would therefore be eradicated.

Benefits of Florux

  • Insect specific mode of action, thus inherently safe to humans, mammals, fish and birds.
  • Highly effective against all wood borers at concentrations 10 times less than most conventional insecticides.
  • highly stable in wood thereby ensuring long-term activity,
  • Good fixation in wood - Neither leaching nor evaporation from wood.
  • Approved for use in Bat roosts.
  • Small particle size allows deep penentration into wood

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