Meridian Timber Services

Appointed agents in Brittany and Normandy for Sovereign Chemicals Limited,

suppliers of market-leading timber treatment products.



Why Choose Meridian?

  • Completely comprehensive treatment against fungus and insect attack.
  • Over 20 years experience of working with timber.
  • Working with Sovereign Chemicals Limited, who are one of the acknowledged leaders in timber treatment and damp proofing products throughout Europe.
  • All work is carried out by Sovereign approved and trained contractors.
  • Uses the latest, most environmental friendly "Flurox" treatment, which replaces conventional, more harmful chemicals.
  • Flurox is safe in use with humans and animals, has a short lived odour and permits a re-entry time of one hour.
  • Extensive knowledge of the use of structural and load-bearing timbers in French properties enables us to give advice on the treatment or replacement of such, depending on the extent of the attack.
  • Offers a guarantee backed by the Sovereign Chemicals Limited 30 year protection scheme. Not only does the contractor guarantee his own work but Sovereign also guarantees that work, taking over responsibility for rectification in the event of the contractor ceasing to trade. This reassuring guarantee can only be given by Sovereign approved contractors.

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