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The Sovereign Chemicals Ltd 30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee is offered by remedial contractors who have been vetted by Sovereign Chemicals Ltd. Only when we are satisfied that they are capable of carrying out work to a consistently high standard do we allow contractors to apply to become Sovereign Chemicals Ltd Approved Contractors. Regular site visits ensure that standards of workmanship and customer care are maintained.


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd believe that it is essential that specifiers and the public at large are protected. Even the most conscientious and meticulous contractor may not be available to service his guarantee due to circumstances beyond his control. In this event Sovereign intervene.


Once the Sovereign Chemicals Ltd Protection Scheme Guarantee has been issued the property is covered against a recurrence of the original problem for a full 30 years. This cover is initially supplied by the contractor, however, if he is no longer in business, Sovereign Chemicals Ltd will arrange for the necessary retreatment to be carried out at no further cost by another Sovereign Chemicals Ltd Approved Contractor. All work will be completed to Sovereign Specifications at all times.


Other guarantees exist which give less cover, often only remaining operational whilst the contractor is still in business. In these instances they become worthless if the contractor ceases to trade.


In the unlikely event of a claim against a Sovereign Chemicals Ltd 30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee, the original Sovereign Approved Contractor should be contacted in the first instance. If the contractor has ceased to trade then claims, together with the original guarantee, should be forwarded to our Guarantee Claims Department at our Head Office.


An initial inspection of the documentation will be made. At this stage an inspection fee is payable, prior to a site visit taking place, to establish the validity of the claim. Unfortunately, many alleged claims are received where the problem is unrelated to the work guaranteed. They may simply be as a result of poor maintenance, roof leaks, condensation etc. At this point we will issue a report and advise on the action to take.


If the claim is found to be valid, then a Sovereign Approved Contractor will be asked to carry out the necessary rectification work as speedily as possible to the householder's convenience. In this instance the initial inspection fee will be returned in full.


Disputes can occasionally occur, however, in such an event Sovereign Chemicals Ltd is prepared to involve an independent arbitrator whos decision will be binding on all parties.


The Sovereign Chemicals Ltd 30 Year Protection Scheme Guarantee is administered by Sovereign Chemicals Industries Limited. It is supported by the assets of Sovereign Chemicals Ltd which is part of one of the largest chemical companies in the world.


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